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  Servers, PCs & Laptops
The most important part of architecting any network is the data center and how the servers are stored. Rackable servers are long, thin servers that attach into a server rack. You can either attach them directly into the rack or onto slidable rails that allow you to slide the rack out without having to dettach it from the rack. Tower servers are similar to PCs and can either fit into racks on shelves or can be arranged on a table or server stand.
Blade servers can either sit on a server stand or mount into a rack and can save your data center a considerable amount of room. A typical blade chassis can hold around 16 servers an takes up 7U on your rack. Consider 16 1U servers that would take up 16U (more than double the space) or 16 2U servers that would take up to 32U (more than triple the space)!. In addition, you might need 32 or 64 ethernet ports for those servers if using load-balancing and 32 or 64 outlets if running redundant power supplies! A blade server can consolidate your entire 16 servers into 8 ethernet ports and 4 outlets. Anymore questions?
Our largest ticket category is PC repairs. Does your network really need PCs and the high maintenance, or can your business use thin-clients. Consider this - A thin client cannot become infected with a virus, it cannot suffer a hard drive crash and if it goes bad, you replace with another one in five minutes. Compare that with a PC that can become infected and can be costly in terms of cleaning the PC and lost productivity, hard-drive crashes where data is lost and needs to be backed up or even rebuilt and if a PC goes down, you're ordering a new PC and rebuilding it.
Laptops and netbooks are great devices for users that travel and or work from home. Laptops are most robust than laptops and include a full operating system and applications - basically a mobile workstation, but at a higher cost. Netbooks are Internet only computers and don't allow the installation of applications or utilities locally and are great for Cloud Computing and other online services and are sometimes more durable and less expensive.
Personal Computers are powerful workstations. Used properly they can be a great asset to your business, having too many can cause too much overhead and maintenance. Learn how to properly stock your network with the right balance of laptops, netbooks, workstations and thin-clients.
Apple Macs seem to be more popular with the graphic and sound users. Whether building a webpage, doing graphic design or building a new musical score, Macs are now just as powerful as PCs now that Apple supports Intel Processors. Macs are know for their stability and user friendly OS. Learn how to leverage the power of a MAC in your business to master all your creative needs.
Mobile devices like Blackberries and iPhones are a great way to stay in contact with your business on the go. These offer powerful utilities to view your email, surf the web, get driving, walking and bus destinations, open attachments, create docuements, listen to voice mails and even stream video of your favorite tv shows and movies and also play MP3s while your exercising, waiting in the airport or just talking a stroll around the neighborhood.