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Starting a new business or have an existing business and want to network your devices? Ethernet is the most common and inexpensive way for your systems to communicate with each other. Our staff of networking experts can help you connect small and medium size networks either wirelessly or wired to the network. We can create workgroups or domains and make sure your systems are all communicating properly but also acheive redundancy and optimize your communications.
What to get connected to the Internet or already connected but unsatisfied with your service? We can present multiple options for getting your business connected to the Internet with the speeds and SLA's you require. We can also analyze your existing connection to see if you are paying too much or if your system needs full duplex for external access. We can also manage your ISP (Internet Service Providers) to make sure your service is being fully utilized.
VPN is not just a great way for your staff to stay productive, it can also be an important step in employee retention. As telecommuting continues to gain momentum, it's important to make sure you can offer services to your employees that can keep your business competitive with others. In addition, allowing your employees access to your system in the evenings and weekends can reap major productivity bonuses. There are inexpensive and secure solutions to help your business provide remote access.
Sharing storage is a great way to save money and energy. Fiber Optic networking are a fast and powerful way to connect your servers to share storage devices using a dedicated FCP (Fiber Channel Protocol). If you are running database servers with intense I/O and don't want to slow things down, consider a fiber optical network to keep pace with all your packets. Fiber optic cards come in a wide range of sizes and speeds and can be configured for failover in case one card goes down. We can help architect a solution to make sure your servers, network devices, storage and even LAN-FREE backups are configured properly to maximize your service return.
Another way for connecting servers to shared storage devices, iSCSI uses your existing TCP networking devices to communicate. While not as powerful as Fiber Optics for transferring large I/O requests, they are can be implemented a much lower cost and still provide similar solutions as a more expensive Fiber Optic solution. We can make sure that your TCP backbone can support an iSCSI solution and optimize your usage. Servers require iSCSI cards similar to Fiber Optic cards, but while any Ethernet switch that support TCP/IP traffic will support ISCSI, it's important to choose the right switch for maximum performance and scalability.
A.K.A Software As A Service is enjoying a lot of popularity these days. Cloud Computing can be a very smart and cost-effective decision for your business. Consider the cost to bring in an Exchange Servers as opposed to using a Microsoft Online Exchange Service. For a group of 5 users, it would cost around $10 (as of this publication) a month for each user. Considering a period of five years (standard life cycle for equipment and licensing), you would pay $3000. However, purchasing a new server and licensing could cost as much as $6000 (Dell PE 2950 and Standard Exchange License). Not to mention the other intangible costs like labor to setup the physical server, maintenance and power consumption, security and network access.
Looking to cable a new building, a new area or organize the cabling you already have? Our cabling experts can help run an entire location, add a new section, install patch panels and patch management to your business. As Copper prices continue to skyrocket, it's important to know the different ways to maximize your dollar by using the right cable type and why (plenum vs non-plenum) and how to reduce overall costs using ceiling hubs and other techniques to shave thousands off your cabling bill.