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  Web Design & Hosting
For a limited time get a FREE static website with the purchase of a two-year Managed Service Contract.
The website is limited to 10 pages and does not include hosting or domain.
Our graphical design process includes visual art, typography, page layout, interface design and chromatics. We can create custom fonts, logos and icons for your business or use stock images and web designs. We use a combination of manual and traditional tools for production to complement our software applications. We can also build custom Flash animations, images, movie-clips and sounds for your website.
Static websites are sites that do not contain dynamic (changing) content. This kind of site is easier to build since they don't require scripting, forms and database connectivity. Although they are simple in design on the backend, they can still communicate an important message about your business by using the many of the same design elements of a more sophisticated website. We develop using CSS to make sure your site looks almost identical in all the six main browsers.
Dynamic websites contain dynamic content. The site is usually updated periodically using HTML forms or database content. In addition, the site can also pull information from a user and store that information and publish it back to that user or other users on that site. We try to create a tier process when development these sites in case you ever change your backend database, you don't have to completely redo the code. Instead, only the interface is changed.
These are powerful tools that allow you to change the content on your screen without a "blink". A "blink" is considered a page refresh or reload where the screen tends to pause and blink during this transition. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) allows you to open panels and tabs to display different information on the same page without a refresh. It's a great complement to any web design.
We work with three major database systems; SQL, Access and MySQL. When designing your dynamic website, we will make sure to build your database interface according to these specifications depending on the hosting technology present.
We offer two main options for eCommerce Shopping Carts; monthly service or licensing purchase. Monthly service is an all-in-one bundle that includes hosting services and the shopping cart. Licensing purchase allows the end user to purchase just the shopping cart for a one-time fee. This allows them to host the cart on their own servers. We have many templates to choose from to get just the right look for your company. We setup the design, shipping features, security, payment gateway, database connections and admin interface so you can manage the shopping cart going forward like adding new products, changing pricing, shipping options and reporting.
Our systems support PHP, ASP, ASP.NET PERL, JAVA, AJAX and MYSQL. Some of the site services include but are not limited to; site traffic metrics, submission to popular search sites, multiple email accounts, ftp access, blogging tools and PhpMyAdmin on-line GUI for MySQL management. Add-ons include email forms, guest books, PayPal merchant services, maps and directions, stock quotes, weather, news, counters and statistics, pull-down menus, site search as well as advanced features like calendars, on-line web content management systems, surveys and polls. We also have 24 x 7 support.