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  Computer Services
OND offers on-site computer service and support. Our service is as low as $90 per hour with no hidden fees and billed in 15 minute increments. If you need guaranteed support response, inquire about our Managed Service Plan. Not only does Managed Service give your company full care, it offers SLAs (Service-Level-Agreements) for all our support services. We work on a variety of computers, laptops, servers, network equipment and applications.
OND also offers remote troubleshooting and repair. Some of our clients are in different states and countries and other remote locations and critical failures need immediate attention. We use several different solutions to enable efficient access to your system remotely and securely to quickly troubleshoot any issues. We can also work with employees over the phone to troubleshoot and fix common issues.
Business Continuity Plans are only as good as the maintenance plans of the hardware and software in any business. To prevent unwanted downtime, let us service your PCs. Over time PCs will slow down, the primary reasons for this are TSRs (Terminate and Stay Resident Programs) that load into memory each time you load your system. These tend to grow as you add additional software to your PC or Laptop. The other primary reason is file fragmentation; imagine trying to find a paperclip (file) in a landfill (harddrive) quickly. Other ways we optimize your system is to remove unnecessary files from your system and place them on the network, backup tapes or other media as well as clean the Registry and any virus, worms, trojans and spyware. Our Lube includes cleaning out the physical PC, verifying all fans are in working order, internal cables are managed and devices are all working properly. We'll come out every six months or whenever you need and make sure all your systems are running productively.
Do you suspect that your system or systems have been infected? The biggest problem with viruses is they like to spread! Catching and eliminating a virus, worm or trojan quickly can prevent the spread of infection which could bring your entire network to its knees. We have an arsenal of techniques to get your systems cleaned and back into service quickly and efficiently. If you think you have a problem, call us today before the infection becomes worse.
We also perform repair and troubleshooting as well as installation and configuration for a wide range of networking equipment including Firewalls, VPNs and other networking devices like Hubs and Switches. We support several different technologies like Cisco, Dell, Sonicwall, eSoft, Netgear, Linksys, 3COM, DLink and more.
We work with specialized partners and experts to make sure you get only the hardware and software you need to meet all your business needs and stay within budget. In addition to the procurement process, we can work with your Accounting department to make sure all assets are tagged and tracked correctly. Our Managed Service plan offers additional features like Patch and Change Management as well as Support Contract and Warranty management to make sure all your critical services are protected.
Whether you are installing a new server into an existing workgroup or domain or building a new network from scratch and need help with installation and configuration, we can help. Our experts can help configure the server for a workgroup or as a domain controller for a new domain. We understand Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP, Remote Routing, LDAP, forests and trees, creating sites, replication, scripting and policies. We can also setup Web Server, File & Print Server, Backup Servers, Fax Servers, Email Servers, Terminal and Citrix Servers, Clusters and NLB Servers.