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  Managed Services

For a limited time get a FREE static website with the purchase of a two-year Managed Service Contract.
The website is limited to 10 pages and does not include hosting or domain.

Our Basic Managed Services Plan offers 24 x 7 Monitoring and Management of your systems. We monitor server and network uptime and can report on those per month, quarterly or annually. We also monitor CPU and RAM utilization and can create a baseline using that data and display trends over time. And finally we monitor services and logs for analysis and determination. The OND NOC will work with your established contacts for notifications and alerts.
For your convenience, OND offers an on-line ticketing system for your employees to log and track trouble tickets. When the ticket is received a notification is sent back to either the originating user or a group of people. As the ticket is worked on, updated will be mailed to both users and technicians. Once the ticket has been completed, it is closed and store in our on-line database to make future troubleshooting efficient.
Our most popular Managed Service module, the on-line content management system is a very powerful system that can organize your calendars, events and announcements. It also stores all your documents and forms in password protected folders. There is a Contacts section and Pictures sections as well. There is even a build-your-own WIKI encyclopedia. It can also be broken into mulitple worksites for different team members at your company.
OND can manage all your support contracts and warranties for all your critical IT components. Maintaining up-to-date contracts and warranties are critical to maintaining even the most basic Disaster Recovery plan. We will notify you when components are expiring and help you make the best decision for different tiers of maintenance plans and retirement strategies.
These are three different Managed Services modules. Asset Management is for tracking all your fixed assets and making sure they are tagged and entered into your Fixed Asset Tracking system. Patch Management makes sure all your systems are up-to-date on all security patches, service packs and hotfixes. Change Management can help you map our your current infrastructure to help you understand how making a change to any component may adversly affect other components on your network.
Part of your basic Managed Service Plan, Forums and Discussion Boards are a great place to communicate with other employees or team members at OMNI Network Designs for general technical and non-technical discussions. Call a Customer Support Representative for a demo.
Printers are key part of any business and that's why it's important to make sure you have some kind of maintenance plan for all your printers. We can supply you with toner when a printer is out of ink, dispatch a repair technician when a printer is down, periodically clean rollers and systems, or perform an analysis on your printers to see if they can more strategically be used to prevent printer crushing and possibly avoid having to buy a new printer.