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  System Assessment
For a limited time, get a FREE system assessment with the purchase of a 20-hour block of support time @ $90/hr!
One of the key things we assess is software and applications. Are your applications being layered and compartmentalized or are they collaborating and sharing information? Many CIO's will point to layering as being one of the biggest culprits for causing major IT problems. We will look at your business needs and workflow to see if your software and applications are in full alignment and efficient with those goals and objectives.
Once the software and applications have been audited we then review the support contracts. Support Contracts are not only important to your financial bottom line but play a key role in making sure your business applications can provide those critical services. Support Contracts are vital to keeping your systems patched and up-to-date with new releases of the software. They are also important for providing service and support during outages or for optimizing configurations.
OND can manage all your hardware warranties for all your critical IT components. Maintaining up-to-date contracts and warranties are critical to maintaining even the most basic Disaster Recovery plan. We will notify you when components are expiring and help you make the best decision for different tiers of maintenance plans and retirement strategies.
Once we understand your business goals and the software and hardware to acheive those goals, we make sure that they are protected. Whether it's a custom application or canned application, it's important to make sure the applications are patched and the systems they reside on are hardended. We can also perform server and perimeter scans as well as application and penetration testing.
Once the hardware and software are audited and reviewed and are secured, it's now tine to look at the way we manage these elements. Controls like Password Policies, File and Logon Auditing, System Access and Permissions, Role Division, unique logons, vlans, etc are reviewed to see how we can tighten our control over how we manage the IT systems.
We have a comprehensive interview process to understand the people involved in the technology that don't just reside in the technology department. The interview process is critical to developing a strategical recommendation and setting everyone's expectation about the systems and their responsibilities.
Once we have audited, reviews and interview everbody and everything we will sit down and prepare a strategical recommendation to determine the most efficient way to achieve your business goals and objective while staying within your budget and resource allocation. These include recommendations for strengthening and consolidating your environment, empowering your people and implementing easy process flows for maximizing the productivity of both your service providers and end users.